Wood Effect Floor Tiles: Better Than Real Wood?

If you are looking for ways to uplift your home, the floor is a good starting point. Are you bored with the same old look? Maybe it is time to opt for something different. If you don’t currently have wooden floor tiles then this is worth considering. They can completely transform the look of your home, after all.

Why have Wooden Floor Tiles in Your Home?

The first place, and perhaps most suited area, to consider having some wooden floor tiles fitted, is in the living room. Here is a great place to consider wood effect tiles. These are tiles that can provide that homely, wooden floor effect, without the cost of authentic wooden flooring. 

Plus, they are considerably easier to install. Furthermore, when the time comes to replace them, this is a much easier job than repairing or replacing real wooden flooring. With wood effect tiles you could help give your living room that ‘traditional, country home’ style.

Another idea is to have wood effect flooring in the bathroom. This way you can have that wooden look but avoid the issues with having real wooden flooring in the bathroom, primarily the issue of dampness from any spilt water. These tiles though will not rot or warp when they get wet. You could have real wooden flooring to uplift the look of your bedroom, but one thing to consider is the unpleasant feeling of stepping on cold flooring in the morning that can happen during the cooler seasons. Various wooden floor tiles nicely avoid this issue.

Wooden floor tiles look great in any home. They create that attractive look of wood flooring, which can come in many different styles, and mimic many types of woods, but avoid all the work hours it would take to install full-on wood flooring. If you do decide to keep them long-term, they tend to be very hard-wearing as well.


Wooden Floor Styles

When shopping for wooden floor tiles look at designs that you think will go especially well with the overall feel of your home. For example, herringbone is a very popular choice. It offers a simple yet classic look. Experts recommend herringbone floor tiles for hallways and smaller sized rooms. 

Also give some consideration to crosshatch, another popular style. This is when a set of parallel planks (or imitation sets if they are wooden effect tiles) are laid out at right angles to each other, with each plank usually having a different shade. This design could look great in a larger room and does a good job of drawing the eye to its visitors. These, of course, are only two options. Wooden flooring designs are numerous. You don’t even have to stick with the traditional look, you can get twists on convention looks like grey wood flooring, for example.

Herringbone Wooden Tile

So, whether you need some new living room floor tiles or have decided the bathroom or bedroom needs a makeover, wooden floor tiles could be a step in the right direction. Getting the look and feel of the flooring right in your home goes a long way to completing the overall look of your home. You’ll want to do plenty of research to find a tile that suits you. 

Before purchasing, it is a good idea to get hold of a few samples first. This can be a better way of seeing the actual look of the tile than just going by online photos. Remember you’ll want to like the feel of it, not just the look (for the sake of your feet!

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