Choosing Bathroom Tiles for a Small Space

Small tiled bathroom

If you’ve decided it’s time to renovate your bathroom, then you’re bound to be thinking of what to consider when choosing bathroom tiles. The style or colour of tiles can have a huge influence on how your bathroom is perceived. If you have a smaller bathroom, then there may be a greater focus on making the space feel much bigger than it physically is and tiles are ideal at achieving this.

Think About Size When Choosing Bathroom Tiles

When you’re choosing bathroom tiles, it’s important to consider the size of the tile. You should think of what the intention is for your bathroom. If you’re trying to make a smaller space feel larger, then picking a bigger bathroom tile will be ideal. Smaller tiles often create an overwhelming perspective as they can make any room feel crowded and busy. This is especially true in smaller rooms, so opting for bigger tiles will be much more beneficial for the space.

That’s not to say small tiles have no place at all within a small bathroom. There may be a set of tiles you have fallen in love with, but they are too small to compliment your vision of space. Small tiles can still be used in the showering area. Tiles in your shower or bath area won’t influence the size perception of the room much at all. You can save your tile favourites for there and use bigger tiles for the rest of the room.

Dark Tiled Bathroom

Think About Colour

One of the main tips for choosing bathroom tiles is finding the right colour. Colours are undoubtedly important when designing any room in your home. We often reflect our personalities through colours and decoration, and this certainly applies to your bathroom too. If you have a particular vision for your bathroom, then pick tiles that will best compliment your decorations or match the other rooms in your home.

However, if you’re wanting to add to the illusion of space within a smaller room, then brighter colours are the way to go. Brighter colours will make the room feel lighter as the colours better reflect the light from the sun. 

Think About Tile Layout

Tile layout plays a vital role in giving the perception of space. The rotation of your tiles can completely morph the way your bathroom feels, so when choosing bathroom tiles, make sure you pay attention to their position. Horizontal tiles can make the walls feel further apart, leading to the room feeling more open. Vertical tiles may look aesthetically pleasing, but they have a big habit of shrinking a space and ideally should be saved for larger bathrooms.

Another option when choosing bathroom tiles to add space is having your tiles in a diagonal layout. This layout isn’t for everyone but is extremely effective and will draw your eyes to the longest dimensions of the room.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles with Elstow Ceramic

If you’re looking for bathroom floor tiles in Wellingborough and the surrounding areas, then Elstow Ceramics is here to help. We are a group of skilled professionals dedicated to helping you begin choosing bathroom tiles for a small bathroom. Contact Elstow Ceramics today to create your dream bathroom.