Splashback Tiles: What’s The Point?

Typically found in bathrooms and kitchens behind areas where spillages, splashes, or drops of liquid are likely to hit the walls, splashbacks consist of tiles or other materials used to protect the walls. They are often positioned behind sinks or hobs to protect the walls from splashes of food, water, oil, and other liquids. These sections help to protect the painted or wallpapered walls from splashes of grease, as grease can permanently stain. They can also be described as a “permanent picture”, adding style and colour to any kitchen or bathroom.


What are splashbacks made from?

Splashbacks are primarily produced out of tile. They can be produced in many other materials including granite, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, metal, and more. A popular trend we are seeing popping up all over the nation is using the same worktop material and splashback material, this gives the illusion that the worktop is climbing up the walls. Some materials are more difficult to lay than others, dependent on which ones you decide to purchase.


Popular shapes and styles

Many people use splashbacks as an opportunity to expand their style, using geometric shapes, bold colours and patterns. The more traditional option; ceramic tile, still certainly holds its place in homes across the UK. Ceramic tiles come in every colour and pattern you could possibly imagine, one to match everyone’s individual requirements and style.


If you are one for more of a natural style, with simple design and shape, natural stone may be the way forward for you. One very popular stone splashback is urban grey stone tiles. Whilst looking like it’s a natural stone, in fact, urban grey stone tiles are produced from porcelain tile. This is a huge benefit as porcelain does not need sealing, unlike natural stone which is a very porous material which needs to be sealed before being used.

One very popular style of the splashback is subway tiles, a great addition to any home, especially in kitchens. These tiles are great for making those smaller spaces look larger, their rectangular shape creates the illusions of a longer length of space. Subway tiles are typically 2.54 x 5.08 cm, making installation easier than other splashbacks, whilst still providing a stylish and professional look.


What are the benefits of having splashbacks?

Splashbacks provide many benefits to one’s home. Put some life back into your kitchen and bathrooms with bold splashbacks, this is a great way of uplifting any room without having to break the bank and refurbish the entire room. Splashback tiles are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, no matter what your style maybe we have something for you. A very important benefit to having splashback tiles in your home is that it makes the cleaning process much easier and even more efficient. Simply using a damp cloth with a little soap will remove all grit and grime from your tiles. For those tiles with a shiny surface, a glass cleaner is a great easy option too. No need to worry about repainting walls or scrubbing expensive wallpaper.


If you have any more questions or need any more advice about which tiles to choose for your splashback, please feel free to get in touch.