Slate Tiles

Slate Tiles

The commonest use of slate that we might have seen around is the writing slate used by children. Slate tiles are very widely used in the construction industry. Slate flooring tiles are very popular in the colder regions due to its natural resistance to frost and rain. In the early 19th century Slate tiles were used extensively for roofing purposes.

Slate is formed due to metamorphism of mud and stone found naturally in the earth’s crust. Slate tiles are very fine-grained and available in many shades depending upon the geographical location they have been mined from. Slate tiles have very low water absorbency, less than 0.4%, they are fireproof, very good insulators of electricity. In the early 20th century slate was used to make electric boards. Slate floor tiles have natural non-slip surface making them the first choice for bathrooms. Slate flooring tiles are also used to line the bottom of swimming pools.

Slate tiles are generally cut thin as they are very hard and have high tensile strength and find very good application as wall cladding. Slate tiles are available in many colours, again this is dependent on the region of mining, green, black and white are the most commonly available colours in Slate floor tiles.

Compared to other flooring alternatives slate I flooring tiles are very cost-effective and are equally good in features. Slate tiles can be worked upon into many shapes and finishes to suit individual needs.

Slate tiles new productSlate tiles new product