Modular Floor Tiling: What Is It?

Man sitting on grey stone tiles

Modular tiles are a great flooring solution for both domestic and commercial use. Unlike other flooring options available, it’s a relatively new one. It can be used in almost all premises because of benefits that most others don’t offer. They are great for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment as well as have a high ability to make a place be aesthetically great. If you’re looking to find the right types of tiles for your floor at affordable prices, the modular tiles are the right solution for you. They’ll offer you the following benefits:


1. Wellness and Health Benefits

Whether it’s at home or the place of work, the health and wellness of individuals are very crucial. This is why many organizations and businesses focus on ensuring that their employees stay healthy and well. This is especially because the amount of time spent by employees in the office environment has been on the increase. The working environment should, therefore, be made more healthy and comfortable for the employees.

Sit-to-stand working is becoming more popular in modern offices, making the choice of flooring material a very crucial matter. Modular carpet tiles have the ability to improve the well-being and comfort of workers who are standing. These tiles cause fewer pains and aches for the employees who stand most of the day.


2. Lasting Designs

Modular tiles can have very high durability and be very long-lasting. Depending on the type of backing you choose for your tile, it will have an effect on the ability of your floor to retain its appearance and its longevity. This is because it has an effect on the ability of the carpets to manage tear and wear.

Hardback carpet’s appearance will quickly deteriorate because of the impact of wheeled traffic and foot that they absorb directly. However, when an open cell cushion backing is used, the impact is transferred to the backing thereby protecting the carpet from wear and wear. Therefore, cushion-backed modular tiles are a more sustainable choice.


3. Acoustic Benefits

Carpets that are cushion backed also provide benefits that are acoustic in nature. These acoustic benefits are very essential for open-plan offices which are growing so much in number. With the lack of walls, the levels of ambient noise can reach levels that are unmanageable if not dealt with. It’s therefore quite crucial that designers select a flooring option with the ability to minimize the ambient noise. The best option for this is the open cell cushion-backed modular carpet. This type of carpets has the ability to absorb noise coming from foot traffic, chairs and trolleys. This way they offer acoustic benefits to the office environment.


4. Design Flexibility

The design flexibility offered by modular tiles is unmatched. They also work very well with other materials used for making floors. Because they’re adaptable, they can be used to add some level of softness to other tiles and hardwood. They can also be used for dressing up vinyl floors, laminate floors and make a patio made from concrete slab much more livable. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes and therefore allow for the creation of a myriad of aesthetics of the design.



Modular tiles are without a doubt a great solution for most of our floor needs. They offer so much flexibility and can be made into any look you want. No other material gives you this kind of freedom when it comes to design options.