Cleaning Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic tiles are well-loved around the world, and extremely popular in bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. It’s sleek appearance and reasonably easy maintenance are big factors in why people love these tiles so much. They provide homeowners with a pristine, clean, modern look to any room they wish, for hundreds of years. Like all tiles, ceramic tiles are durable but do require some work to maintain in their sparkling condition. With regular cleaning, this is easily done. We have produced the ultimate guide to cleaning your ceramic tiles, so there is no excuse.

Sweeping or Vacuuming

Cleaning your ceramic tile floor routinely is a great way to achieving keeping its sparkling finish, we recommend that you sweep or vacuum as much as possible, on average people sweep 3-4 times a week. This eliminates all crumbs or dirt which may have accumulated on your floor, and prevents further damage, like scratching and staining. Using a soft-bristled broom to avoid scratching the tiles. When it comes to vacuuming do not use a beater bar, make sure you use a soft head attachment to avoid scratching and denting the tiles.



We recommend that you mop the tiles 1-2 times a week, with warm water and a drop of soap, this will make your tiles look as good as new without using harsh chemicals. Rinse the mop whenever the water starts to become murky, this will prevent you from rubbing dirt back into the floor.



Cleaning the Grout

If you have a stubborn stain which won’t lift with soap and water, you can buy chemicals which do the job. However, you need to be extremely careful with what you use, some acids can damage the tile’s surface and design causing a larger problem. To reduce the risk of this happening follow the exact manufacturing instructions on the back of the bottle, and completely rinse the product afterwards with warm water and a soft, clean cloth.

If you find yourself mopping the tiles frequently because your floor just doesn’t seem clean, have a look at the grouting. Grout is used for connecting the tiles together, and is a porous substance, meaning it collects and absorbs dirt quickly and can be very difficult to remove. This job doesn’t need to be done as often as Sweeping and Mopping, cleaning the grout can be done every 1-2 months depending on how quickly it gets dirty. Using specialised store-bought grout cleaner and warm water, scrub the grout with a toothbrush (an old one is best) avoiding the tiles as much as possible. Make sure you follow the steps on the specialised clean to avoid damaging the tiles.



Using a Steam Cleaner

While being a higher-priced product a steam cleaner is an effective way to clean your tiles. A high-pressure steamer both cleans and disinfects the tiles, lifting dirt and stains from the smallest crevices, which is not always picked up by a basic mop and bucket. If you have a lot of ceramic tile floors it worth the investment, making cleaning more efficient and higher quality.