Wood Effect Tiles: Their Benefits

Harder Wearing

Wood effect floor tiles are more robust than actual wood, whether in porcelain or ceramics and will not be as easily damaged by heavy furniture and sharp objects such as high heels. Because of their robust design, they also do not scratch or mark.

No Fading

Natural wood fades and changes colour over time and can be bleached by the sun. If you have lots of furniture and/or rugs this can also mean that different parts of your floor lose colour over time while other parts stay darker and newer, so when it comes time for a rearrange, this fading can be very noticeable and unsightly. Wood effect tiles don’t fade, so some rain or shine, you can move your furniture around as much as you like.Wooden Floor Tile

Create Your Own Style

Wood effect tiles can also be laid out to create an interesting and unique design and style, whatever you like most. You can opt for a classic grid layout, a herringbone style or a brick-bond design, add a border, a centrepiece or customise it however you like, whilst still enjoying the luxurious feel of wood.

Easy to Maintain

Stain-resistant and treated with a waterproof finish, wood effect tiles are extremely easy to maintain. Clean with any regular cleaning solution, you can wipe, mop, sweep, or vacuum clean, whatever takes your fancy.

Range of Colours

Along with customisation in the way that you lay out your tiles, you also can choose from a huge array of wood effect colours. From lighter oak to deeper mahogany, and all the rich beautiful shades in between, choose the right wood for you, at the right price.

Wood-Effect Tiles Won’t Warp

One of the main issues with hardwood flooring is that natural wood warps depending on the temperature and moisture in the room, so that even perfectly fitted flooring can grow to have a few gaps over time. Wood effect tiles are waterproof and thus not affected by moisture in the same way real wood flooring would be, but also they are secured a-fixed to a tile base and so won’t move either.

Heat It Up

Wooden Flooring being Laid

Underfloor heating is specifically well paired with tiles versus real wood flooring, since with hardwood flooring, underfloor heating could pose a health and safety risk. With wood effect tiles you can therefore add more warmth to your home – quite literally!

Drive Away Dirt

Wood effect tiles can also help drive away dirt if kept in high traffic areas such as hallways or conservatories, since they act as a barrier to the rest of your house. Dirt can come off shoes more in this area where it is easy to clean and help keep the rest of your home cleaner – although probably best to take off your shoes before trudging on the carpet anyway!

Easy Fixes

In the unlikely event that you do damage these hardy tiles, the good news is you can replace a single tile very easily, rather than replacing your whole floor.

Cheaper Than Wood

As well as having a huge number of benefits over traditional wooden flooring, wood effect tiles are also far cheaper than the real thing.


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