Top 6 Bathroom Tile Designs

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Studies have shown that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. This has necessitated research on the best ways to make this room offer all it can to the family in terms of aesthetics. Traditionally, bathroom tile designs only focused on their durability, water resistance, and low maintenance. Today, the aesthetics are just as important as these functionalities. The availability of tiles in different shapes, colours and texture have made the bathroom remodelling an overwhelming task. But with the availability of these numerous options, homeowners can now choose exactly what they need.mirrored cupboards in bathroom

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, the following are the top 6-bathroom tile designs you can choose from.


1. Matte Finish Tiles

Matte finishes are a common tile design option for bathrooms today. Their styles of beauty never get too overwhelming and are powerful and soft at the same time. The most important benefit of Matte tiles over glossy tiles is that they don’t show watermarks and smudges as easily. This feature makes them very ideal for bathroom floors, specifically those that are very busy. Due to their low sheen, they are relatively easier to maintain. Since these tile designs are known to not reflect light, it’s advisable to ensure that the bathroom has plenty of both natural and artificial light.


2. Graphic Pattern Tiles

The ultimate accent tile in the bathroom, as well as other rooms, is the graphic pattern tile design. The great thing about patterned tiles is the fact that the pattern options are endless. They may contain contrasting colours that are quite bold or hues that may be soft and subtle. These options of bathroom tile design have the ability to lure and capture a person’s heart.


3. Nude Neutral Tiles

Most current tile designs make use of neutral colours. It’s known that colours such as yellow, blue, and red are quite bright and are therefore not preferred in the bathrooms. Today, homeowners are going for the nude neutrals such as beige, creams and grey. As complementary neutrals, beige and grey have become very common. If you need more brightness in your bathroom, a perfect colour is white. The nude neutral colours can be used on the floors and walls, all the way to the ceiling.


4. Geometric Tiles

Different geometric shapes are being added to tile designs today. The hexagon is the geometric shape that has made a resurgence in recent times. The hexagonal tiles for bathrooms come in different textures, colours, and sizes that are most suited for the bathroom floors. Here, they create a truly unique appearance that is different. You can make it more interesting by creating unique patterns by using different colours of tiles. These tiles can be used on large walls or the entire floor in order to set the tone for the bathroom.


5. Textural Finish Tiles

By incorporating textural finish tiles to your bathroom, you can add colour depth, surface interest, and variation to any bathroom area. Depending on the colour desired, the material used, and finish applied, textures can appear pronounced or subtle.


6. Flooring Wood Planks

Wood plank tiles are getting their way into the market. You can create patterns like the herringbone which is an ornate pattern. Wood tiles have the ability to a style to your bathroom that you didn’t expect but is welcome.



These are the top 6-bathroom tile designs that are currently on the market. With these options, you’ll be able to make your bathroom welcoming and nice to be in. However, there are endless options that can be obtained from these major designs to fit each and every individual’s preference.