The Benefits of Ceramic Wall Tiles in the Kitchen

Kitchen tiles

You can be a bit spoilt for choice when looking at kitchen wall tile ideas. There are so many options! To help make up your mind it can be a smart idea to focus on one particular choice at a time. With this in mind, we are going to be focusing on ceramic kitchen tiles. There are plenty of benefits of having ceramic wall tiles in your kitchen and we’re going to be taking a closer look at them in this blog.


Mostly Unsusceptible to Staining/Easy to Clean

When you think of all of the different processes that can go on in the kitchen, you need to make sure your decorative wall tiles are as unsusceptible to staining as possible, and ceramic tiles pretty much fit the bill in this respect. Any stains that do occur should mostly be wiped away with a damp cloth. The fact that they’re so easy to clean means they have a brilliant defence against splashback.


Mostly Scratch & Crack- Resistant

Aside from some very strong swipes, the average everyday activity in a household should not cause any major cracks or scratches to occur, as ceramic wall tiles are durable. Helpfully, ceramics are waterproof, too.

cosy homely patterned kitchen tile backsplash

Ceramic Kitchen Tiles are Not Bad for Health

The surface of these tiles is very dense which prevents mites, microbes and other microorganisms causing any issues when cleaned correctly. This is one of the reasons these tiles are sometimes medically recommended.


Anti-Static Tiles

Some tile coverings become electrically charged when you walk over them, but this is not the case with ceramics. It means if you happen to brush past the wall you will not feel any sparks should you also be touching a conductor of electricity such as something metal (like a tap).


They Won’t Burn

Heat is a continuous part of a kitchen as you cook on the hob and in the oven. But don’t worry about moving items such as hot saucepans off your hob and near to the ceramic tiles on the wall, as they will not burn, thankfully.

cottage nautical kitchen backsplash idea

Available in a Wide Range of Designs 

It’s not just about the practical side of things when it comes to kitchen wall tile ideas. Ceramic tiles can be brought in a very wide range of colours and designs. You will likely find so many different looks when you’re completing your research it’ll be hard to choose! You could go for a nice full-colour option, or consider timeless white. Perhaps you will find something that has a nice pattern or image, such as a subtle leaf design. Ceramic tiles have the advantage of offering lots of design choices which will help fit all sorts of kitchen spaces.


Ceramic wall tiles do have many benefits. Once you have found a design that you like, you may even decide to have some matching or well contrasting ceramic floor tiles to further complement the kitchen. Ceramic wall tiles go with all sorts of designs so it should not be too hard creating a setup that you love.


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