Renovate your tiles on the cheap! Just replace the broken tiles

Most of the tiles everyone has in their homes have a tendency of being damaged due to aging, but floor tiles in particular get a lot of wear or can be easily cracked if hard or sharp implements are dropped on them. Whilst sometime this can be due to the type of the tiles, most often it’s just due to usual wear and tear. But with just one or two broken tiles, it often doesn’t seem worth it to replace the whole lot, and all too often we know of customers who have put up with damaged tiles until they can afford a complete renovation. But you don’t need to!

There are other ways around this which mean that you can enjoy your tilework again easily and without all the work and expense. Just go through this article and you will discover that you do not need to buy a whole set of new tiles to renew your look or fix the odd broken one. 

Discontinued tiles

The easiest and fastest way to fix these tiles is to find out if you can simply swap them out for new versions of the same tile. We specialise in stocking and sourcing discontinued tiles, so if you need a replacement, give us a call and we’ll likely be able to help! Other than that, you can get creative…

Get creative!

The best way to do anything is by thinking outside the box and thinking creatively. That way you can repair your broken tiles in a smart way, ensuring you are cost-efficient. Below are some of the ways to do that.

Replace odd tiles in a pattern

Cracked tiles can be carefully removed and replaced by new tiles that decorate the surface, wall or floor and bring new life into it. This will not only save you a few pennies, but also offer a chance to get creative with the design of your home. Choosing a different colour that the original tile to contrast with surrounding tiles can add depth to your tile decorations, and you can opt for more unusual or rare tiles to create a stunning look. Discontinued tiles such as those we sell can also be more reasonable than other tiles, and offer unusual, unique looks for this type of renovation – so get inspired, and save some cash too!

Create bold tile centrepieces

If you have lots of tiles cracked in one place and the dotted approach wont work for you, why not use the space to create small pieces of artwork? The cracked tiles can be removed and replaced to produce a stunning outlook. Invest in some tiles that you can create something out of (or that already have patterns on them) such as countries, patterns of flowers, animals, footprints, welcoming notes or even names of your children or loved ones.

Break more tiles!

Not sure about this one? Hear us out! The tiles that have holes in them can be filled and decorated to create a style all your own. You can add more holes on the other tiles of your floor and fill them tile filler and paint of a different color to create a fabulous and quirky crack effect. However, when doing this you need to make sure that the tiles are filled properly and left as smooth as possible to ensure the floor or wall is safe for use.

Loose tiles are the easiest ones to repair using these handy tricks (loose tiles can also be those tiles that are not damaged but can be removed easily). Simply remove them in the patterns we mentioned above and place them in different positions if they aren’t of the same color to create a brilliant and unique effect that won’t break the bank! You can also cut up the tiles into smaller pieces of different sizes and fix them back in place left after removing the tiles to create mini mosaics, utilizing the unbroken parts of tiles, to recycle and reuse as much as possible. Take the time to design your tile replacements and get some opinions from friends and family to create a look that works best.

In this article, we hope we’ve shown you that you do not need a huge amount of money to repair your floor or wall tiles. All you need to do is to be creative! If you want some other ideas you can visit the following links: