How to Paint Ceramic Tiles: Easy Home Renovation Ideas

golden painted Egyptian bathroom tiles

If you want to transform your home without breaking the bank, have you considered revamping your bathroom by simply painting your ceramic tiles? This is the perfect to activity to carry out with the kids, or as a relaxing activity during the weekend and it gives you the freedom to renovate some of your home with only a small change! Let’s look at some tips that will come in handy during the painting process.

Preparing to paint your ceramic tiles

Before beginning your work, it is important to plan out any painted patterns you would want to have on your ceramic tiles. When you have a pattern in mind, mask it off using tape and a yardstick, or you can buy stick on wall templates premade in particular patterns too. It is easier and more practical to have patterns that require straight lines such as stripes and diamonds. However, one can use ready made stencils as mentioned above if you want something more creative. If you are not going to be working with a pattern then you can start right away!

Apply a primer before painting your tiles

The next thing to do is to use a high-adhesion primer. You should use a light foam brush but you can also incorporate a roller. Rollers will allow you to cover large surfaces within a short time while the the brush will be perfect for painting the edges. Allow the primer to dry. Do not use a fan because this can blow dust and other small particles onto your bathroom tiles – and you don’t want that!

What kind of paint should you use on ceramic tiles?

golden painted Egyptian bathroom tiles

Golden Egyptian-style painted bathroom tiles for an elegant revamp project

It is important to use epoxy paint. This is due to the fact that epoxy paint is bound to last up to ten years without chipping or flaking. It is also glossy and is therefore perfect for areas that get wet often such as bathrooms or the area around a kitchen sink.

Oil based paints can be used in areas that get a lot of use, because it is durable.

Beginning painting your ceramic tiles

Once your primer is dry, you can begin painting. Be sure to apply several thin and even coats as you paint. This will make sure that your project stays intact for a longer period of time. As you apply the coats, give each application some time to dry off – read the guidelines of your specific paint of choice for the duration of time to leave it. Once you are done, you should give the painting around two to three days to completely dry out.

Painting ceramic tiles is a delicate project so it’s important for you to take your time so that you can have a good quality finish that will last you until you next fancy a change! We hoped you found this article useful and have fun painting your tiles! If you would like to simply buy new tiles to refresh your bathroom (or other room in your house) do visit our tile showroom in Bedford or browse our bathroom tile range here