How to clean kitchen wall tiles

cleaning wall tiles

Cooking causes a lot of mess in the kitchen area, including the walls over time. The end results are greasy kitchen tiles. However, the kitchen is held to be the heart of every home. It’s the one room that’s used more often than any other room. As such, there’s a need to ensure that it’s clean and presentable even with the possibility of taking so much mess resulting from cooking. Every person needs to ensure that their kitchen is always clean and presentable if they’re to make it welcoming. But how can one ensure that this is the case with their kitchen?

Here’s how you can go about cleaning your kitchen tiles:

white vinegar

1. Clean using White Vinegar

For a considerably excellent and natural cleaning solution for your kitchen tiles, you can use white vinegar. It has the ability to clean grease from the tiles, disinfect the walls and also ensure that your tiles don’t produce any odour. Another great benefit of white vinegar, when used as a natural cleaning agent, is that it can be used as an agent for fighting smokes stains. When directly used on the walls, white vinegar is so effective for cleaning smoke and grease stains. Alternatively, you can make a solution of water and vinegar which you can use for regular maintenance cleaning of the kitchen tiles.


2. Use of Baking Soda

Another great and effective way to clean grease and oil stains from the kitchen wall tiles is baking soda. To do this, you only need to sprinkle a certain amount of this product on a gentle scrubber like a sponge then wipe the greasy kitchen wall tiles down. Ensure that you’re gentle as you do this. After completing the rubbing process which should be done gently, use a clean dry piece of cloth to wipe it down. Wiping down with the clean cloth is aimed at removing the residues of baking soda from the walls. Rinse the cloth after every rinse to end up with a sparkling clean wall.


3. Clean with Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is another alternative to enable you to clean your kitchen wall tiles effectively in a natural way. Every person who uses their kitchen to cook must be having some vegetable oil which they use for cooking. So, this is another cleaning solution where you have the product right in your kitchen. However, most people don’t know that vegetable oil is effective in removing grease and oil stains. This method is often referred to as fighting oil with oil. Pour some vegetable oil on a paper towel and use it to scrub the greasy walls. This will help you clean grease and oil stains very effectively.


4. Use Salt

Every kitchen is another item that no kitchen lacks. All you need to do is sprinkle it over grease and oil stains. The salt will soak the grease stains. Then, spray the area with vinegar or borax solution and then wipe the area down with a damp cloth/rag or sponge.


cleaning kitchen tiles

5. Use Borax

Borax is another great way to clean grease and oil stains from your kitchen tiles. To do this, make a lemon juice and borax paste and then apply it over the stained area of the wall. Let the paste stay on the wall for some time and then use a cloth or sponge to gently wipe it from your wall.



With these 5 natural ways, you can effectively clean your kitchen tiles and ensure that you end up with a sparkling clean kitchen wall. The good thing about these methods is that what is need are readily available.