Ceramic tile backsplash ideas

sophisticated contemporary kitchen backsplash

Ceramic tile backsplashes are incredibly common in kitchens all over the world, and it’s not surprising. Ceramic tiles are durable, cheap, and easy to clean. Kitchens see a lot of action, especially around the sink and stove, and this makes ceramic tiles perfect for the job. But the best thing about ceramic tiles is the sheer number of colours and styles they come in. You can find a ceramic tile backsplash to suit any style, mood, or design ideas you might have. Read on to get some inspiration for your own backsplash, in five highlighted styles that our tile team see most frequently, or check out our kitchen tiles page here for more inspiration!

The sophisticated look

If you want to create a contemporary look ceramic tiles can help compliment the rest of your kitchen if you choose neat rectangular tiles in a simple grey colour. Or, if you want to go for something a bit more alternative, you could try getting some textured tiles like the ones in the picture on the right. This wavy look will make your kitchen stand out and add a more interesting edge to your backsplash.

sophisticated contemporary kitchen backsplash

Cosy and hearty

Ceramic tiles have been used in kitchens for decades, so it’s easy to go for a look which speaks ‘home comforts’. Going for something like a patterned tile can evoke the kitchens of yester-year and make the room feel cosy and homely. All you’ll need to do is combine it with some brass pots and pans, and you’ll have the makings of a cottage kitchen.

cosy homely patterned kitchen tile backsplash


Coastal cottage

Sticking with the cottage theme, you could be going for a more costal theme in your kitchen. Sticking to a pale blue backsplash will evoke the sea and also make your kitchen feel bright and airy. Combine it with white cupboards and a few sea-side trinkets and your kitchen will take on that calmness we often associate with the sea.

cottage nautical kitchen backsplash idea



Similar to the cosy look, you may want to go for a very simplistic traditional kitchen look. This can be achieved by having a backsplash made up of white tiles and dark grout. This was a common look in the kitchens of Victorian stately homes, as well as farm house kitchens. It makes a look that’s surprisingly contemporary when combined with the right kitchen fittings.

traditional kitchen backsplash ideas



Now one for those who like to do things a bit differently, and stand out from the crowd. The dazzling array of ceramic tiles on the market makes it easy to pick something unique and eye catching. If you’re going for a kitchen which says eclectic and eccentric, you could try some shiny silver tiles or maybe even some glittery ones. Aside from that, tiles with loud colourful patterns will really make your backsplash the centre of attention, rather than something that just melts into the background.

unique kitchen backsplash tiles discontinued tiles



We hope this short list has given you a bit of inspiration for your backsplash re-vamp, and convinced you that ceramic tiles really are the best way to go. With the vast choice out there, you’re bound to find a look so suit your kitchen style!