How to remove tile adhesive

Tile removal

Removal of tile adhesive is undoubtedly among the most difficult DIY jobs that an individual can ever engage in. Once the tile adhesive hardens, it can be quite difficult when removing since it dries up a lot of concrete. Most people would rather look for an alternative way of improving their interiors but if you want to take up the … Read More

Most Beautiful Wall Tiling Designs and Patterns

Diamond tile pattern design

There are various wall tiling patterns and designs available today, making it very difficult to make one choice and be satisfied that it’s the most fitting option for your home. However, the process of choosing the right designs and patterns can be a rather exciting one. It’s also important to note that the design and patterns of the wall tiling … Read More

The benefits that come with Modular Floor Tiling

Man sitting on grey stone tiles

Modular tiles are a great flooring solution for both domestic and commercial use. Unlike other flooring options available, it’s a relatively new one. It can be used in almost all premises because of benefits that most others don’t offer. They are great for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment as well as have a high ability to make a place … Read More

Top 6 Bathroom Tile Designs

Fantasy Sentinel

Studies have shown that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. This has necessitated research on the best ways to make this room offer all it can to the family in terms of aesthetics. Traditionally, bathroom tile designs only focused on their durability, water resistance, and low maintenance. Today, the aesthetics are just as important … Read More

The Benefits of Victorian Tiling in Your Home  

Victorian Tiling by staircase

Many homeowners would agree that Victorian tiled homes feel just right. There is actually something about these tiles that seems comforting yet manages to come across as sophisticated at the same time. If you take time to imagine walking in places with high ceilings and opulent, lavish decor, you will understand why Victorian tiling for the home is popular.

What type of Mosaic Tile would suit your Bathroom Best?

Modern Mosaic tile bathroom

Research has shown that we spend much of our lives in our bathrooms. We should, therefore, make sure that these rooms are a nice place to be just like the rest of the rooms. To do this, you can modernize its aesthetics.

10 Brilliant Benefits of Wood Effect Tiles

Dark Wooden Tile

Harder Wearing Wood effect floor tiles are more robust than actual wood, whether in porcelain or ceramics and will not be as easily damaged by heavy furniture and sharp objects such as high heels. Because of their robust design, they also do not scratch or mark. No Fading Natural wood fades and changes colour over time and can be bleached … Read More

Ceramic Tiles Inspired by Chocolate

Ceramic Tiles Inspired By Chocolate What better way to decorate your floor than with everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure? Spanish designed Alberto Sánchez has come out with his latest ceramic tile design which is based on chocolate.