Showroom Reopening

We are delighted to announce the reopening of our showroom on Monday 12th April! Our revised opening hours will be. Monday to Friday – 8 am to 4 pm Saturday – 10 am to 4 pm Sunday – Closed

Which Tiles Can be Used with Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating

Which Type of Tiles is Best for Underfloor Heating?  Are you looking at getting underfloor heating? With the cold weather on its way, we really can’t blame you. However, there is sometimes a fair amount of confusion out there regarding floor tiles, and which are likely to work best with this type of system. If you’re keen to set up … Read More

Reasons to use Rapid Dry Seal Grout

Tile Grout

Grouting is a job we all need to do in our homes at one point or another. Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, tiles can really do a lot to help keep the look of a room together. However, after time, you are going to need to make sure that your grouting is continuing to keep everything together. 

How to Clean Tile Grout

cleaning the floor tile grout with a toothbrush and wearing yellow gloves

A fresh, newly-decorated bathroom is going to be as clean as it ever will be. Given what happens in a bathroom, or even a kitchen, removing dirt and grime are going to be part and parcel of keeping it clean. If you’ve got a ceramic tiled floor or wall, keeping the tiles themselves clean is relatively easy, but it’s the … Read More

7 Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

White Bathroom

Small bathrooms usually have a slight disadvantage for not allowing as much space as you’d need to design. When working with particularly small spaces, the idea is to create an illusion that makes them appear bigger. It will sometimes take the expertise of an interior designer and/or architectural visualiser who can provide a visual representation of the desired outcome to … Read More

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Your En Suite

modern tiled bathroom with shower and bath

One question we get asked on a regular basis is whether one should adopt parquet or tiles for their en suite or bathroom. Be it your own room or someone else’s, the desired look may differ. Not to worry. Here at Elstow Ceramic Tiles, we’ve been supplying a wide range of superb tiles around the world since 1983. All of … Read More

Fun ways to use mosaic tiles

bathroom mosaic tiles

Lots of people use mosaic tiles to decorate their homes and to create an original and amazing interior in their home. Mosaic tiles are popular due to their unmatched variety and unique visual appeal. The tiles are a small square that come in different shapes and textures. Using a mosaic tile is a great way to turn an ordinary room, … Read More

Why Should I Have Splash-back Tiles in my Kitchen?

White kitchen with black tile splashback

Typically found in bathrooms and kitchens behind areas where spillages, splashes, or drops of liquid are likely to hit the walls, splashbacks consist of tiles or other materials used to protect the walls. They are often positioned behind sinks or hobs to protect the walls from splashes of food, water, oil, and other liquids. These sections help to protect the … Read More

Christmas Opening Hours 2017

The biccies are out, the terrible jumpers are on and it seems that Christmas is almost upon us. So, for the duration of the festive break, please find our Christmas opening hours below:   21st: Closed 22nd: Closed 23rd: Closed 24th: Closed Christmas Eve 25th: Closed Christmas Day 26th: Closed Boxing Day 27th: Closed 28th: 10am – 4pm 29th: 10am … Read More

Renovate your tiles on the cheap! Just replace the broken tiles

Most of the tiles everyone has in their homes have a tendency of being damaged due to aging, but floor tiles in particular get a lot of wear or can be easily cracked if hard or sharp implements are dropped on them. Whilst sometime this can be due to the type of the tiles, most often it’s just due to … Read More