Most Beautiful Wall Tiling Designs and Patterns

Diamond tile pattern design

There are various wall tiling patterns and designs available today, making it very difficult to make one choice and be satisfied that it’s the most fitting option for your home. However, the process of choosing the right designs and patterns can be a rather exciting one. It’s also important to note that the design and patterns of the wall tiling are not the only factors that will determine how your wall will appear. But, one thing for sure is that these two factors are huge determinants to the look of your finished project. Here are some of the most beautiful wall tiling designs and patterns to choose from

1. The Versailles Pattern

This pattern utilizes four differently sized tiles. This makes it one of the most difficult designs for wall tiling to create. The best thing to do is to have the experts to install it for you because it’s not easy for untrained hands. They’re also more preferable for small-sized walls.


2. The Brick Pattern

It’s also called the running bond pattern. It’s reminiscent of brick walls whereby each rectangular tiles are aligned with those that are below and above it. It’s a great choice for an imperfect surface or an uneven wall. Since the tiles are not made to exactly line up with each other, the eye gets the impression that the tile is a cohesive whole.


3. The Straight Lay Pattern

The Straight lay pattern of wall tiling is the one that’s most commonly used by homeowners. It’s also the easiest tiling to have done for your project. For those who’ve never tiled before, it’s most likely the best choice. The tiles fitted by simply laying them side by side in a straight line. The result is an overall grid pattern. There are great for rooms where you don’t want a distraction from the other interior design features.


4. The Diagonal Lay Pattern

The diagonal lay pattern and the straight lay patterns of wall tiles are very similar. The only difference is that the former is done at 45-degree angles. This makes the square tiles to have diamond shapes. It’s great for small walls as it gives the impression that a small space is larger.


V-shaped tile pattern

5. The Chessboard Pattern

This wall tiling design is named because it’s done to give an effect of a chessboard. It’s normally done by alternating white and black tiles either in a diagonal or straight lay. This ends up giving an elegant design on the walls.


6. The Basket Weave Pattern

Though this pattern appears intricate, it’s not too difficult to come up with. It creates an illusion of weaving through the use of rectangular patterns which form a square. The tiles are placed close to other vertically aligned tiles. This pattern is recommended for small walls because it looks busy.


weave pattern design

7. The Herringbone Pattern

This tiling pattern and design are quite tricky to achieve. It’s done by forming a column of tiles at an angle of 45 degrees and matching them by the next column which is a mirror image of the first. This forms a V-shape.


8. The Hexagon Pattern

If you want to come up with an outstanding mosaic effect on your wall and living space, this beautiful pattern with the Eastern style is the perfect choice for you. To be able to do this, you’ll have to measure the wall of your room and get the most central position and tile towards it. All the cuts should be left to the edges of the room.



These are some of the top 8 most beautiful wall tiling designs and patterns that you can consider for your home décor.