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Durabase 30M Anti Crack Matting Roll

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  • Durabase matting is your simple solution to crack suppression and waterprofing
  • Prevents substrate cracks caused by substrate movement
  • 100% waterproof (when used in conjunction with durabase joint tape)
  • Bridges cracks in substrates
  • Faster & easier working filling the wide clover leaf holes
  • Batter resistance on heated surfaces with rapid expansion and contraction
  • Wide clover leaves means more adhsive in contact with the base
  • PP mesh top layer gives perfect adhesion to the tile
  • Fleece below the matting prevents excess adhesive entering air cavities
  • Greater resistance to horizontal movement between the matting and substrate
  • Suitable for use on newly laid concrete & ideal for problomatic floors
  • Use with Durabase joint tape DJT549