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DEVI, we believe that heating control should

offer both installers and end-users optimum ease

of use and total reliability. Which is why we have

introduced the very first touch-screen electric

heating timer.


Continuously improving

our products and solutions

We designed the new DEVIreg™ Touch in consultation

with you and your customers. Based on what

you told us you wanted, we have created the most

stylish and – above all – effective heating control

system on the market.

A touch of the future

With its back-lit, 2” touch screen, the new DEVIreg™

Touch controller brings the very latest in convenience

to every home. As intuitive and easy to

use as the latest smartphones, it provides a simple

touch screen that you and your customers will

instantly love using.

Electric heating regulation has never been easier.

Or looked better. Find out for yourself!

The DEVI team


DEVIreg™ Touch

• The smartest, coolest-looking controller on

the market

• Complements even the most chic designer interiors

• Ensures perfect comfort, exactly when it’s needed

• Saves energy and reduces heating costs

• Unique 5 year warranty

… and all controlled from a simple touch screen!



Try it right

away. It’s

an amazing


Seeing really is believing

That is why we made a virtual version of DEVIreg™

Touch. It’s a 1:1 copy of the actual product software,

so you will be experiencing the real thing

straight away! Available from the App Store and

Android Market, you can download the DEVIreg™

Touch application right now and start finding out

for yourself how intuitive it is to program.

Your mobile has to be connected to the internet

for the download but, once that’s done, you can

use it anywhere, any time, without being online.

Scan the code and try it right now

If you don’t want to download the App now, you

can also scan the QR code. You will then be connected

to the virtual DEVIreg™ Touch so that you

can try it for yourself, straight away. You can also

bookmark it for another trail later on. You can use it

as many times as you want, but you must be online

when you do.

Showing really is selling

Apart from helping you to quickly learn how easy

it is to set up, program and use the controller, the

virtual DEVIreg™ Touch is also the ideal tool for

showing your customers how it works – and once

they know, they’ll want one for sure.

The built-in set-up wizard guides you effortlessly

through each stage, including ensuring the correct

floor temperature to avoid damage to expensive or

sensitive floor coverings. So you can actually show

your customers how their system

will be set up and just how easy it

is to make adjustments – all at the

touch of a smartphone.



Go to the


And become

the expert.

You’ll be using your new tool in minutes …

Visit the DEVIreg™ Touch website and you can begin

exploring the key features as well as learning how

easy it is to set up and adjust the new device.

We are sure that you will be confident using the

DEVIreg™ Touch in less time than it takes to read this

brochure. The website also allows you to download

the virtual DEVIreg™ Touch tool to your own PC or

laptop. And we have included product documentation,

information about our warranty and plenty

of other useful facts to help you really get to know

this amazing new product.



Fast and



ast and accurate set-up

The built-in set-up wizard guides you effortlessly

through the process. We made it very intuitive and

easy for you. Simply entering a few easy details like

room type, floor surface and installed output will

ensure perfect comfort while protecting valuable

or sensitive floor surfaces. Job done. First time.

Multiple set-up via code

A unique feature of the DEVIreg™ Touch is the

code system. When you set up the controller, you

automatically generate a code. This code can then

be used to program similar set-ups, or to provide

remote service to your customers in case they need

your help.

Easy trouble-shooting

In case any of the settings become corrupted –

for example because your customer has changed

something incorrectly, re-establishing the DEVIreg™

Touch to its original settings is easy. Simply use

the built-in code system to do a remote re-setup.

All you have to do is generate a set-up code via

the virtual DEVIreg™ Touch or the web site, and

give it to your customer. The device is so easy to

use that your customers will be confident doing it

themselves, saving you expensive call backs and

site visits.


When turning on the DEVIreg™ Touch for the first

time, the set-up wizard will guide you through a

series of simple, non-technical questions about

the system you are installing. When you have

finished entering the appropriate values, the system

automatically generates a “set-up” code that

you can use for even faster commissioning of similar

systems or for remote service.



Place or




One controller is all you will ever need

With the DEVIreg™ Touch in your vehicle, you will

be equipped to tackle virtually any job that comes

your way. Because it is compatible with a wide

range of different frames and sensors, you can even

effortlessly integrate DEVIreg™ Touch into existing

systems – cost effectively and with a minimum


Flexible and theft resistant

The specially designed 2-part construction means

that fitting is as easy as clicking on and clicking

off. DEVIreg™ Touch is ideal for 2-step installation,

removing the risk of stolen thermostats that need

to be replaced at your expense. Furthermore you

are free to choose whether the controller comes

with or without a frame. This saves throwing away

a frame that you no longer need.

Complete peace of mind

DEVIreg™ Touch is the first product of this kind

ever to offer a 5 year warranty. In the unlikely

event that the unit does fail, we will send a replacement

to the address you specify within 48 hours*.

Simply contact us via the website and we will send a

replacement to you direct – without you needing

to contact your wholesaler or other third party.

Order yours, from

Elstow Ceramics, Today.